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DNA testing is reliable and readily available. Moreover, there are a number of DNA tests that can be done to meet the diverse needs of people seeking to do a DNA test. If you are thinking about doing a DNA test, you may naturally wish to read up a bit on the matter. You can find answers to your many questions in our knowledge database. Here you will find an array of information about anything from Paternity DNA tests to Relationship DNA tests and the use of forensic DNA samples in DNA testing. We have also drawn up useful articles about what takes place during a DNA test and how you will need to take your DNA samples with a home-kit.


DNA Testing in the News

Scientists Isolate So-Called “Zombie” Gene

Decoding King Richard III: Scientists to Sequence Remains

Khloe Kardashian's Paternity Doubts

Forensic DNA Testing on the Presumed Bones of Richard III

Prince Albert of Monaco undergoes Paternity Test

DNA testing: Case of Dominique Strauss Kahn

Corpse of Osama Bin Laden To Undergo DNA Testing

Defense request independent review arguing DNA forensic evidence contamination

Court Ruled in Favor of a Korean Adoptee

Boy or girl irrelevant since Reeves is not the father

Actor Jude Law does Paternity Test

Private Detectives Attempt To Get DNA Sample From Pedophile To Aid Madeleine McCann Case

Investigators Hoping For New Forensic DNA Evidence In Madeleine McCann Case

DNA Evidence Found On Victims Clothes

Man Arrested Following DNA Profile Testing For Murder After 25-Year Investigation

A DNA Paternity Test Clears 13-year old Alfie Patten of Fatherhood

Tory MP Campaigning to Have Innocent People Off DNA Database

Duchess of Cambridge: Will she have a Baby Boy or Baby Girl?

easyDNA is now on Facebook

Michael Jackson Body Guard takes a Paternity Test

The Connection Between Genetics and Suicide

Cristiano Ronaldo does a paternity test

Long-Lost Sisters Reunited Through DNA Testing

Anonymous Donors Fund Cold Case Infants’ DNA Testing

New study reveals surprising amount of Neanderthal DNA in modern African populations

One Direction and the Paternity DNA Test rumours

EasyDNA invited to Malaysian talk show Selamat Pagi Malaysia to discuss its Diet and Nutrition DNA test


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