Why establish dog paternity with a DNA test?

A dog paternity test is carried out by comparing the DNA profiles of the dam (mother) and sire (father) to that of their offspring. This test is carried out using simple oral swabs and can be carried out by anyone- the assistance of a vet is not required.


  • Ensure that you are purchasing a dog with a DNA-certified pedigree
  • Offer your customers the guarantee of a DNA-certified pedigree
  • Eliminate doubts that your litter may have multiple sires

Cost of the dog parentage test

The dog parentage test is offered at £129.00 this includes a sample of the dam, sire and 1 offspring. Naturally, one can test more than one offspring at the same time, and more than one sire can be included in the same test. There will be a cost for testing additional dogs.

Note: We always suggest including the sample of the mother as this can help us get a more accurate dog DNA test result. When we have the sample of the mother, we can easily eliminate her share of genetic inheritance.

How is the dog parentage test carried out?

Carrying out a dog parentage test is very simple and straightforward. DNA samples are collected by means of oral swabs that are rubbed in the inside of the mouth of each dog participating in the test. Upon ordering your test, EasyDNA will send you a Dog DNA sample collection kit containing all that is required to carry out your test. Thanks to the kit, you will not incur expensive veterinary fees, or draw blood sample in order to carry out your test, which might cause unnecessary stress on your dog. Once collected, the DNA samples need to be sent back to the laboratory for testing.

Why test the mother?

Having the mother’s DNA makes testing more accurate. A sire may be falsely confirmed to be the biological father if the mother’s sample is not used.  Having the mother’s sample helps the laboratory exclude her share in the genetic inheritance of the offspring. When the mother is not available, extended testing can be done to determine proper parentage.

Your Results

Your dog parentage test results will be sent to you by email in 10 working days from receipt of samples. In this report you will be told if the parentage of the sire ‘qualifies’ for a particular offspring, meaning that a particular sire is confirmed as being the biological father of the offspring. This is also described as being an ‘inclusion’. In cases where the sire is not found to be the father of the particular offspring, he is described as ‘not qualifying’, and therefore he is ‘excluded’ as being the biological father of the dog being tested. The results of the dog DNA paternity Test are highly accurate and use a 16-DNA marker panel for routine parentage testing. In cases involving closely related dogs extended testing might be required.

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Results are usually available within ten working days and are sent to you by email. You can order the Dog Paternity DNA test directly from our website. If you require further information regarding this test please contact our Customer Service or email us directly.

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