Matt Fiddes,  Michael Jackson BodyGuard takes a paternity tesy

A former bodyguard of Michael Jackson, martial arts expert, Matt Fiddes, requires a paternity test he claims to be the biological father of Michael Jackson’s children Blanket.

Matt Fiddes trying to obtain access to the child in order to carry out a DNA paternity test, if the outcome is positive, Fiddes is claiming that he will try to obtain custody of the child after Katherine, the children’s grandmother, is no longer able to care for him.

Is Matt Fiddes the real father?

According to Fiddes, Michael Jackson asked him to donate some sperm in 2001, as he wanted an ‘athletic child’.

At the time, according to Fiddes, the pop star offered to pay him £500,000 which he refused.

Fiddes asserts that the star never told him directly that the child was his, but, as Blanket started growing up he started noticing more and more the striking similarity between himself and the child.

He said that Michael never told him himself that Blanket was his son, but he took his sperm; there is a marked resemblance between Fiddes and Prince.

Paternity Test Michael Jackson

Paternity test carried out to reveal the truth of Michael Jacksons family

Matt Fiddes is a multi-millionaire martial arts’ consultant who remained friends with Jackson throughout his life and supported him throughout all his troubles.

This lends credibility to Fiddes’ claims, as he does not appear to be seeking child support or any other financial gain from this move. However, in the end, only a DNA paternity test could give him the answer to determine if he was the father of Michael Jackson’s kid.

A couple of years ago Matt Fiddes said that will not carry out the text without Blanket permission and this will only happen when he will be at age. Currently, the boy is 17 years old.

The former Michael Jacksons bodyguard also said that the pop singer could not have white children and that Blanket looks very alike to his daughter Olivia

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How many children has Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson has 3 children:

  • Born in 1997: Michael Joseph Jackson, also known as Prince
  • Born in 1998: Paris Michael Katherine Jackson
  • Born in 2002: Prince Michael Jackson, also known as Blanket

Are Michael Jackson’s children biological?

The famous singer always claimed that he was the biological father of the children, however, there are many online theories that will revoke that.

Who is the mother of Michael Jackson’s children

The former nurse Debbie Rowe is the biological mother of the two eldest, Michael and Paris. They got married a year after she got pregnant from the first child.

The third child, Prince was born after a surrogate pregnancy and whose identity has still kept private.

Will Michael Jackson Body Guard take a Paternity Test? Some believe that they are not the singer children as they are completely white and Michael Jackson came from a black family race.

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