Domestic cats are generally friendly and playful, but did you know there are breeds that are genetically predisposed to be great choices for families? The qualities of these domestic cat breeds include sociableness and getting along with small kids and other pets like dogs.

Are you looking to add a cat to your home? Here are 6 common cat breeds that are great with families!

1. American Shorthair Cat

Weighing an average of 10 pounds, the American shorthair cat breed is known for its being low-maintenance, which is perfect for busy families. The personality of the American shorthair is also sweet and gentle, making it a great cat breed for families with little children.

2. Bengal Cat

The Bengal cat is a short-haired cat breed that also weighs an average of 10 pounds. Bengals are great to look at with their distinctive spots and have the personality to match. They are curious and adventurous explorers and will bond really well with investigative kids.

3. Bombay Cat

Characterized by their sleek black coat, Bombay cats are medium-sized cats that weigh an average of 10 pounds. Their big copper-colored eyes reflect their curious personality. These cats are also highly sociable and lively and will follow their owners around for playtime, so only get a Bombay cat if you can stay home for long periods of time.

4. Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coons are large-sized cats that typically weigh up to 25 pounds with coats that can be medium to long. Despite their large size, Maine Coons are very loving and sweet. These cats love attention and affection, so don’t be surprised if your Maine Coon prefers your lap to the floor. They are also very smart, so you can teach them tricks!

5. Ragamuffin Cat

Weighing an average of 14 pounds, the Ragamuffin cat breed is characterized by its medium to large size and long coat. Ragamuffins are very patient cats, which makes them ideal for families with little children. They also love bonding and lounging with the family.

6. Siamese Cat

Siamese cats are on the smaller side and typically weigh around 8 pounds. Because of their short hair, they are considered low-maintenance. Siamese cats are happy, social cats that love people! Being around their owners or their toys is enough to keep them content.

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