Unfortunately you cannot get free paternity testing on the NHS. However, considering how competitive the market has become, you are likely to find cheap tests online at very affordable prices.

First, I would recommend a google search and a bit of shopping around if you are really tight for cash. Just type in the keywords “paternity DNA test” and see what comes up. A search for free paternity test will not get you very far as nobody provides this service for frees. Some companies, especially the bigger ones, will easily consider a flexible payment option so as to alleviate the burden of the fee. In fact, some companies will be ok with the following:

• They will send out a free DNA kit to your address without any payment; perhaps they might ask for a very small deposit to cover administration fees

• They will then contact you when your samples are at the lab and you can make the payment then. This buys you more time.

All thought you will not get free paternity testing; you get a paternity test for under £150. This is however, the price for a peace of mind paternity test; a paternity test you will do at home and in which you are responsible for collecting your own samples. If you need to go to court then the matter is quite different.

The National Health Service (NHS) does not provide free paternity testing- you will have to pay for this service if you do it through the NHS.

However, in cases of a court ordered paternity test, you might get help with the legal fees entailed. If a Child Support Agency (CSA) is involved, they might also be able to help however; they do not cover the paternity test fees. They mainly deal with child maintenance and support. Their website will provide ample information.

Be weary of companies offering paternity tests for 30£. They will just provide you with a DNA testing kit for this price and will charge you the extra cost for lab analysis. They might advertise free postage at best but not more. One would surely recommend getting in touch with any DNA testing company you chose and speak to someone directly; they can give you all the information required and help you as best they can.

Just an online search for “free paternity testing” will definitely show you that nobody is offering it for free. However, you might be able to strike a good deal if you shop around. Click here to find out more about our paternity services.