About This Test

Where exactly did your ancestors come from? In what countries do your true origins lie? Begin a voyage of discovery to learn what countries, cities or islands your ancestors came from. The GPS Origins™ test merges the latest findings in genealogy and genetics and combines these with a new ancestry tracking tool known as the Geographic Population Structure (GPS). The result of this test? This test is able to pinpoint the origins of your ancestors to the finest degree.

Results for this test are ready in 4-6 weeks from receipt of samples.

How does this test differ from other ancestry tests?


  Other ancestry tests GPS Origins™
Ancestral locations Links you to more general continental regions Links you to actual countries, cities or islands from the present day world map
How far back do these trace your ancestry? Several millennia Around 1000 years

What will your results show?


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 The results are an online interactive report, this pdf is just a sample.

The results are a true treasure trove of information for you and your family. Results are provided online in a fully interactive and detailed report  including:


  • Extensive gene pool analysis : The analysis of the 36 global gene pools used to calculate the genetic signature of your autosomal DNA. Here you will be linked to specific countries or areas form where your ancestors originated from. Examples could include Southern France, Sardinia, Basque country, Northern India etc.
  • Gene Pool Percentages : You will be able to see your Top 3 Gene Pools and an interactive map highlight the regions included.
  • Gene Pool Percentages – Complete results : You will receive a breakdown of all the gene pool regions and the percentage affiliation. See sample report here.
  • Historical information: A comparison of your unique DNA signatures with other studied populations across the world which enables us to locate where your very first ancestors came from and where they settled. This section will also detail an explanation of the agricultural and historical background as well as give possible reasons as to why your ancestors went there in the first place. This section is also plotted on a map – see sample map.

gps origins

Ordering your test

This test is priced at £129 only and there are no additional costs involved. Results for this test are ready and emailed to you within 4 to 6 weeks from receipt of samples at the laboratory.

How recent and precise is GPS Origins™?

The GPS Origins™ is a powerful tool for tracing more recent ancestry, in fact taking you back only 1000 years from the present day. Generally your DNA will be linked to countries, areas or directions (North, South, East or West), but in some cases we will be able to zoom in onto the island, town or village from where your ancestors came.

Confirming what you might know about your roots with GPS Origins™

Most people investigate their ancestry to try and get a more complete picture of their family tree. However, unless we employ the right tools (like DNA testing) or the right individuals (such as genealogists), we reach a stone wall. So you believe that you have French, Turkish, Russian, English or German ancestry – but can you be sure? The GPS Origins™ will enable you to confirm whether what you know about your ancestry is likely to be correct.

This is The Most Advanced Ancestry Available

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