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About This Test

As part of our efforts to provide a more holistic service, we offer the possibility of obtaining professional consultation via our genetic counsellor. This will help you to answer any questions about your DNA test and empower you with the knowledge to maximize your DNA test results. Our genetic counsellor is a fully qualified PhD graduate specialized in genetic counselling and clinical research.

What does a genetic counsellor do?

A genetic counsellor, who has specialized training in genetics, is your point of reference and can help you with anything related to:


  • Understanding and interpreting all aspects of your DNA test results
  • Questions relating to genetic inheritance patterns and family medical history
  • General questions about genetic testing
  • Disease risk and risk mitigation
  • Suggestions for disease management and prevention
  • Advice on treatments, checkups and further tests

A typical counselling session lasts 40 minutes for clinical and NIPT testing/Down’s Syndrome testing.

What happens once I order this service?

Once you have ordered the genetic counselling service, our genetic counsellor will get in touch with you to organize the date and time of the actual call.

Why should I seek the help of a genetic counsellor?

The patients or relatives at risk of an inherited disorder are advised of the consequences and nature of the disorder, the probability of developing or transmitting it, and the options open to them in management and family planning.

The result of certain genetic tests such a cancer testing or celiac testing can not only have serious implications on your own health and wellbeing but also on that of your relatives. It is only with the help of a genetic counsellor that you can fully understand the implications and get the best possible guidelines and advice regarding risk mitigation, therapies, further tests etc. There main benefit in consulting a genetic specialist is that these individuals are specialized within the field of genetics and are trained to provide support and interpret genetic test results.

What tests is genetic counselling available for?

Genetic counselling is available for the following tests:


  • Prenatal NIPT testing
  • Clinical tests

These sessions take 40 minutes.

Note about genetic counsellors

Genetic counsellors are highly trained to answer and guide you with all of the above issues or queries related to genetic testing. The genetic counseling process helps people understand and adapt to the medical, psychological and familial implications of genetic contributions to disease. Our job is to help clients through a potentially difficult time and to help them understand genetics and how it can affect them and their family.

How do I request the service?

Our service can be ordered directly through our website order page. There is an additional fee depending on the type of test you require consultation for. The cost of genetic counselling is not included in the cost of the test.

Our glossary of terms

We have compiled a glossary with many useful terms related to genetics, genes and many other relevant terminology and jargon. View our genetic glossary HERE.

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