Why Should You Have Your Dog Allergy Tested?

It is essential to determine if your dog suffers from any allergies that could affect both its health and quality of life. Allergies differ from sensitivities or intolerances; allergens cause a reaction in the body because the immune system identifies them as threats and activates the production of IgE antibodies. These antibodies can lead to various symptoms, ranging from reddening of the skin to life-threatening respiratory problems in your furry friend.

We strongly recommend performing the New Dog Allergy Test as part of your pet’s general health check-up or if your dog exhibits symptoms such as excessive licking, itchy skin with redness, inflammation, or a rough texture; hair loss; watery eyes, sneezing, or coughing; recurrent gastrointestinal problems; presence of vomiting or diarrhoea of unknown origin; and, if your pet has experienced frequent ear infections or constantly shakes its head.

This is NOT an Intolerance Test!

It is important to understand that this test is an actual allergy test and NOT an intolerance test.


  • The results of the intolerance test will change over time depending on the diet of the dog and environmental conditions. Therefore, remedies and diets can change over time.
  • The results of the allergy test are more permanent and potentially serious, and the results need to be addressed in a different manner. So monitoring a pet with an allergy is very important.
  • The price of the allergy test will always be higher than an intolerance test even though less allergens are tested.

We recommend you familiarise well with the test you are ordering.

Sample Collection

This test requires a serum blood draw. Therefore, the sample must only be collected by a veterinarian.


  • Instructions for the Pet Owner


  1. When you receive the kit, do not unwrap it. Make an appointment with your veterinarian to perform the serum blood draw.
  2. On the day of sampling, go to your veterinarian with your pet and bring the unopened kit with you.
  3. We recommend an 8-hour fast but it is not mandatory.
  • Instructions for the Veterinary Staff


  1. Open the packaging (kit), read and carefully follow the detailed instructions for the serum blood draw included in the kit.
  2. Fill in the requisition form with the information provided by the pet owner.

Important notes: 


  • The Dry Serum Sample Collection kit can only be used by a veterinarian; this is a mandatory condition for sample collection. Once you receive the kit, you must make an appointment with your local veterinarian and bring the Dry Serum Sample Collection kit to have your dog’s sample taken. Full sample collection instructions for the veterinarian and the requisition form are included in the kit.
  • There is no indication that medical treatments with antihistamines, cyclosporine, Apoquel, or glucocorticoids will interfere with the test results.
  • The New Dog Allergy Test can be performed along with other routine tests.

New Dog Allergy Test Results

The New Dog Allergy Test results offer a thorough analysis of 125 allergens, presented in a comprehensive report. This report includes a detailed list of allergens categorized into groups, along with essential information about the type and strength of your pet’s response to each tested allergen. Additionally, it provides the total count of your puppy’s response to each allergen and concludes with a useful semi-quantitative summary table of the results.

In summary, the results report contains valuable information for dog lovers, veterinarians, and breeders alike. These findings will assist you in providing optimal care for your best friend’s health.

view sample report

Which Allergens are Tested by the New Dog Allergy Test?

The New Dog Allergy Test analyzes a diverse range of 125 allergens, encompassing categories such as food, insects and mites, plants, animal elements, and moulds, among others. All of this is done using a small sample, with a minimum requirement of 0.25 mL.

Feel free to review the list of allergens provided below.

Special Offers and Discounts

The cost of the New Dog Allergy Test  is  £ 169.

For a limited time, we are offering a £ 159  discount when you order 2 or more Dog Allergy Tests simultaneously.

If you order 2 tests, you will pay a total of just £ 318 for both.

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The New Dog Allergy Test is an affordable and reliable test that using only a small sample will allow you to discover if your beloved dog could be suffering from any allergy and thus take the necessary measures to take care of his health, improve his quality of life and enjoy the company of your canine friend for much longer!

If you have any questions about the New Dog Allergy Test for your canine friend, please do not hesitate to Contact our Customer Service Team who will be happy to help you.

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