It is hard to know where the truth lies in the entertainment industry let alone if you are the actual father of a child. Well here is where a paternity DNA test can help. Louis Tomlinson the singer of One Direction fame has been in the news this past year due to rumours regarding the paternity of his child with Briana Jungwirth. The little boy Freddie, it has been said underwent a paternity DNA test with his alleged father Louis back when the child was first born.

This kind of test is carried out using cheek swabs and is in no way harmful to anyone. Most fathers in this scenario with a mother they were not in a committed relationship with can find out for certain they are the father and bond with the child going forward. The rumours have swirled around the pair who are no longer a couple and share the child and there are those who doubt he really is the father. It has been revealed by an insider that Louis DID in fact get a peace of mind home paternity test done back when the child was born in January 2016.

Devoted Dad

It’s not surprising really as he is a very devoted father and has been seen picking him up and being a very hands on dad. Briana has also stated she does not want to be totally dependent financially on Louis and has not tried to get any more money out of him. Instead the pair have behaved in a very civilised way and are trying to bring up the child together but apart as they are not in a relationship anymore. This kind of paternity DNA test for peace of mind is so useful in cases like these, especially where large sums of money are involved and a father needs to know if he should start to bond with the child. All too often it happens too late and actually there isn’t any point in doing a DNA test as they father and child have bonded and to break that by finding out the real paternity seems unfair and sad. Everyone wishes Louis and Briana the best of luck in bringing up their little star of a boy and that the rumours can finally be put to rest.

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