How much does a dna test cost?

Are you wondering how much does a dna test cost? Why some companies charge a different price or what is the factor that determines the fee?

In this article, you will know what is the price and how much a dna test cost

Understanding what affects the cost of DNA test will help you better understand what exactly you are paying for.

Cost of a DNA test

At EasyDNA you can order your Paternity test from £99,  however, there are some factors that can alter this cost and therefore you may need to pay a bit more.

10 years ago the price of the at-home paternity test was about £300 but advances in technology have made DNA testing much more accessible to people

DNA tests cost and option

If you need to determine the relationship with children a DNA test is the most reliable method to confirm the biological relationships.

Various types of DNA tests exist and these will normally incur different prices and costs, depending on various factors including

  1. Type of test required
  2. Number of persons involved
  3. Time frames for issuing results

What Affects the Cost of a DNA Test?

The average cost of a DNA test is £99, however, there are many factors that will affect the price of a DNA test:

1 – Number of people being tested

A paternity test will increase in price depending on the number of persons being tested.

Tests with other relatives, for example, a sibling test or grandparent test will increase in cost if you also add to analyse the sample of the father (or mother)

2 – Type of test ordered

The more complicated is the whole procedure, the more expensive will be the DNA test.

The cost of a DNA test starts from £99 but this is for basic or standard at-home paternity where you are the one taking the samples.

However, if the father is not available you may need to order a relationship test which cost will be higher.

3 – Time is a big factor

Time is another factor that alters the cost of DNA testing. Many DNA companies offer an express service at an additional charge.

This can mean receiving your results up to 5 days sooner than with a standard test.

4 – Paperwork involved

Another factor that would affect the cost of a DNA test is whether you require legal testing.

The legal test requires more paperwork and administration, hence is more expensive than the standard DNA test.

The procedure is different from beginning to end, requires a professional taking the samples and follow a chain of custody to avoid any type of fraud.

5 – Sending non-Standard Samples

Non-standard samples are one of the majors’ factors in determining the price of your DNA test.

If you cannot submit an oral swab sample you can still send other samples like a bloodstain, tissues among others. You can see the full list here

This type of analysis is known as forensic testing and since it requires a more in-depth analysis it increases the price.

7 – Selecting a DNA company

An important factor to consider when weighing up the cost of a DNA test is the type of company and laboratory you use.

DNA and forensic testing is not something to be taken lightly and hunting for bargains will not necessarily produce the best results.

Accreditation is an important aspect of selecting a DNA testing company.

Throughout the world, laboratory accreditation is a process used to determine technical competence. A specialist technical team will assess certain factors, which they feel are relevant to a laboratory’s ability to produce accurate and reliable data.

Be sure to research a website properly first, to ensure that the company you select is making use of an accredited laboratory.

how much does a dna test cost

Cheaper cost of DNA testing thanks to the internet

Thanks to the worldwide use of the internet it has never been easier, or cheaper, to order a  DNA test.

Probably the most difficult would be for you to choose the right company. It is very important that you chose an accredited one, like EasDNA, this will guarantee the professionalism and reliability in the results.

After selecting a properly accredited DNA testing company you can place the order, it will take you just a couple of minutes.

Once the order is confirmed you will receive at your home the testing kit.

Depending on the test ordered your kit will vary as different test might need different samples.

For instance, a gender prediction test requires a sample of maternal urine whilst a prenatal paternity test will require a sample of maternal blood.

However, most of the DNA test requires a simple saliva sample taken from your inside your mouth.

If you want to know the cost of your DNA test get in touch with us or simply place your order, we have integrated into our system all the available options for you to know How much does a DNA test cost.

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