Human approach towards health and fitness is currently influenced by novel trends in modern science. An innovative and cutting edge technology in the world, in the area of health and fitness was developed initially by South African scientists. The approach of these scientists in dealing with the fitness went through DNA-based analysis and its applications.

Scientific Advances

Applications of DNA analysis in various fields have risen from the successful completion of Human Genome project. Though research related to Human Genome project is still continued, the molecular applications in mapping of DNA profiles can help in extracting a lot of information regarding the genetic make-up of an individual. This is done by certain companies for their clients in affordable prices.

DNA-test kits

An Australian company called ‘My Gene’ developed a DIY test that gives a long report on performance endurance, muscular damage risk, muscle power, muscle recovery and recommendations for minimizing injury risks. According to the company, the test kit is meant for scrutinizing 18 variants of a single gene concerned with sports performance and exercise. As per the company’s notion, this exercise-genetic test kit will aid in telling us whether a person is genetically suited for exercise and sport.

Another Australian company, Fit Genes, also developed a DNA testing procedure for evaluating fitness of an individual. The test involves investigating the variation in the 40 genes associated with the cardiovascular performance, metabolism of body fat, detoxification, bone and muscle health, and inflammation and recovery.  The sample for the test is taken using mouth swab.

The weight and wellness DNA test is yet another genetic testing kit that has provided a solid tool in lifestyle enhancement. This test can help uncover any predispositions to certain tendencies and traits to optimize lifestyle decisions. It can help individuals harness what they can learn about their genes for a better lifestyle today and make smarter choices.

Gene biology

Most of the genes in all humans are alike, while there are certain variations in the genome of different individuals making each one in the group to respond differently. These alterations in DNA are known as polymorphisms, which are responsible for every new trait of the gene. It is not possible to test all the variable genes. Therefore, the genes that can have impact on body fitness are isolated and evaluated.

The genetic code that is made up of three nucleotides compliant for an amino acid is found to be the place of variation. The changed genetic code leads to the increased or decreased synthesis of proteins and enzymes that can have impact on body physiology. The biotechnology companies will have trainers, who suggest appropriate nutrition, lifestyle and metabolism for the individual longing to become fit.

Fitness factors dealt in the DNA

The most common factors that are monitored in the genes for managing health are diet optimization, eating traits, food reactions, exercise, nutritional requirements, metabolic health factors, and body and weight management.

Related Scientific publication

An article related to this aspect was published in 2010 in the journal of Applied Physiology by the scientists at Copenhagen University. The article dealt with predicting certain molecular events to be responsible for increased aerobic capacity of an individual after endurance training. RNA profiling accompanied by single-gene DNA marker association analysis is considered as a molecular predictor.


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