Kent, United Kingdom – 02/03/2016 – EasyDNA’s Diet DNA Test is featured on Selamat Pagi Malaysia (Good Morning Malaysia), a popular morning talk show aired on major, state-owned free-to-air television network channel, TV1 (RTM). The show aired on Saturday 27th February.

Mr. Sharifah Khairiyah Syed-Mohamad, the company’s local representative in Malaysia, provides significant insights into the latest, cutting-edge Diet and Nutrition DNA test – a test that is aimed at assessing the impact of an individual’s genes on weight loss, reveal how likely they are to respond to specific diets and how your body processes, stores and loses fat.

The progamme Selamat Pagi Malaysia usually highlights a wide variety of issues that may be of interest and are often educational to the public. Talking about the company’s interview on this widely-viewed chat show Mr. Syed-Mohamad states that “we have been constantly working at enhancing and diffusing the company’s brand image through reputable TV shows, interviews and articles whilst simultaneously working towards attracting new customers”. EasyDNA’s feature on the TV show can be viewed here:

The Diet and Nutrition test is one of three tests in the company’s growing portfolio of health testing services. Currently, the portfolio also includes the Wellness and Lifestyle test, which complements the Diet and Nutrition Test, but is more focused on analysing one’s predisposition towards certain behaviours such as habit forming, risk taking and lifespan potential and the Children’s DNA Discovery test, a test which ideal for parents who want to understand their children better by understanding how their genes influence different aspects of their life, such as their endurance and athletic potential, their ability to avoid errors, memory performance and many more.

EasyDNA already offers the test in most of its other markets in Europe and Australia. 2016 has seen the introduction of the tests in the company’s Asian markets including Singapore and Malaysia as part of its ongoing product expansion strategy, penetrate new markets and find new opportunities.

In relation to the company’s interview, Mr. Syed-Mohamad states “We are indeed glad to have been invited to the talk show to discuss this latest DNA test. People are today much more conscious of their health, weight and diet – they want to take full control of all these aspects.  While the food you eat and the exercise you undertake will have a huge impact on your weight, we now know that genes also play a significant role. This DNA test is an additional step towards really improving their diet, tailoring it to their individual genetic response by helping individuals find out if, for example, they are predisposed to being overweight or whether they are unable to breakdown a certain type of food. They can understand what will word well and what diet will work against their weight loss goals”. The samples for this test are collected by means of a simple mouth swab which the client needs to then send back for testing.

EasyDNA is an international DNA testing company that specialises in offering reliable, accurate and confidential testing services to both the private and public sector all over the world. EasyDNA operates in Asia through its offices in India, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, offering a diverse portfolio of DNA testing services including parental, relationship, health and clinical testing.