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Dog DNA testing has a range of uses from establishing paternity to tracing the different breeds in a mutt (what is technically called canine breed identification test). Other DNA tests are also being developed which can help you know if your dog carries any autoimmune illnesses in its genes.

Why would I want to know the different breeds in a mongrel?

Different dog breeds have different temperaments and characters. Some dog breeds are more docile and thus more suited to a family and children; other dog breeds are more active and require large spaces and lots of exercise. Some dog breeds can be a bit aggressive. When looking a mongrel, especially a puppy, it might be hard to know what it will grow up to be like, especially if the puppy’s parents are not known.

People wishing to adopt a dog may have a good indication of the nature and character of that dog by doping a DNA test. The DNA test will tell you the breeds of dog that are found in the dog’s genetic makeup. Moreover, knowing the mix of breeds in a dog’s DNA can help with training the dog and dealing with any behavioral problems- different dogs respond very differently to different methods and styles of training.

For more information on other types of animal DNA testing visit our information page.

The canine DNA database

The DNA testing company involved in the test will have a database. In a database they will have the genetic information of various breeds of dogs. There are around 400 dog breeds known and most laboratory databases will unlikely have access to the genetic information of all specific breeds. However, the vaster is their dog DNA databases, the more accurate your results will be. Clearly, the DNA test results cannot show you the existence of a dog breed in your dog’s DNA if that dog breed does not exist in the database. The test result would show you the closest match between that genetic material found in your dog’s DNA sample and the genetic information in the database. Canine DNA analysis is extremely accurate and can help provide pedigree with genetic proof.

Dog DNA testing has many more uses than is within the scope of this article. Should you have more questions contact the dog DNA testing company- they will provide all the information.

Dog breed verification testing

Take the guesswork out with our dog breed verification DNA test. Understand the key breeds in your dog with a simple DNA test. Mixed breed, mongrel, pure bred? If you want to know which breed of dog you own, a dog breed verification test is just what you need. Read more about our test by clicking here.


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