A recent DNA test has proved that Alfie Patten is not the father to baby Maisie Roxanne. At the time of the alleged conception, Alfie was 12-years old, however, after being tested along with six other teenage boys who all claimed to have had sex with 15-year-old Chantelle Steadman, it has now been proved that he is not the father.

The Daily Mirror reported that this finding was likely to leave the boy devastated. Prior to the test, Alfie was quoted as saying, “I didn’t know about DNA tests before but mum explained it’s when they do a swab in your mouth and it tells if you’re the dad ….So if I have it, they can all shut up.”

It had not even crossed Alfie’s mind whether Chantelle had not been faithful to him,” his mother Nicole said. “He’s absolutely devastated that these lads say they slept with her“.

According to welfare workers, since the birth of Maisie Roxanne, Alfie has been a doting and adoring father who cannot bear to be parted from his daughter.

Since then, another four boys have come forward; also stating they had slept with Chantelle. However, a friend of Alfie’s family has alleged that there is a scam to cash in on the media attention surrounding the unfortunate young couple.

According to Clive Sim, Chantelle Steadman’s mother told her daughter to keep quiet about the other boys she had slept with and say that Alfie Patten was the father of Maisie Roxanne because, “she always knew Alfie being the dad makes a better story“. The Daily Mail has since quoted Sim as saying “I think there’s a big scam going on here“. Since The Sun

broke the story in February 2009, it is believed that the parents of both Alfie and Chantelle have earned thousands of pounds in media deals.

Date: April 2009

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