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DNA testing in UK

Most of the people in the UK are concerned about paternity testing due to building up the emotional and physical bond between parents and child.

A DNA test in the United Kingdom will help to manage the medical history of your child.

Another advantage, this test also helps to establish legal security along with inheritance benefit for your child. Also, it further helps to protect the future of your child.

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Importance in UK of a DNA paternity test outside marriage

In UK If the child is outside the marriage, this paternity test is essential to get documentation of the certificate called Acknowledgement of Paternity (AOP) that can be taken from the hospital post-birth.

This will help to give legality to the biological father of the child. This certificate will be considered as proof of the biological father if he contests any form of the claim.

Signatory in AOP will be termed the legality father of the child. But if the mother marries another person except for the legal or biological father then the former will be considered as the father of the child.

Thus, every parent must be enlightened and educate themselves before opting for the test.

Why British opt for a DNA paternity test?

Having a child is always considered a joyous event but still, many British parents have turned the same into a soap opera.

This dispute occurs when either the father does not accept the baby or the mother tries to keep the baby away from the father.

Thus a DNA test will help to establish a right towards the child depending on the individual desires.

But on the other hand in many places people do not want to get married by their own choice.

Many states allow paternity without any formal court of action, for example, Alabama. Children who are born to unwed parents automatically don’t have any legal father unless the court provides the identity agrees or contested.

Importance of establishing paternity in UK

  • It will help the child to give them a proper identity.
  • It will help understand the medical history of both the parents which further help to the medical care of the child.
  • It will also help the child to cover health insurance, social security, inheritance as well as veteran’s benefits.
  • Also, it means parents, as well as the child, can seek any form of public assistance available when they qualify.

Who wants a DNA test in UK and why?

A DNA test in UK is required when the mother has more than one sexual partner or the parents are not living together.

On the other hand, sometimes even after marriage out of doubts people can do a DNA paternity test.

If the couple separates on bad terms either of the mother or father can say the child is not of the father or the father does not want to give the compensation.

This might not be true but the doubt can also not be ignored. The DNA test in UK for paternity will help the child to trigger the application despite the separation and financial support over several years.

Impact on the child after knowing the father’s true identity

For a child, the court always considers establishing a child’s biological origin and it must be recognized by a psychologist. But before the DNA test, parents must know the ramification which the child will undergo.

Importance of DNA testing in UK

Most of the paternity DNA testing in UK  can be done with the help of a kit and then send to the laboratory for the analysis.

But this will have considered as ‘unofficial’ but the court as the Ministry of Justice has asked to go ahead with the court –directed test for paternity, Known as Legal Paternity Test.

While doing the test you must have the consent of both the parents otherwise is considered illegal. Only who has parental responsibility can undergo this DNA test.

Also, a man is considered to be the father if after marriage they have a child until proper documents presented.

The father will pay the amount of DNA test as well continue paying the maintenance and will be refunded later if the test comes negative.

If you live in UK you should identify your biological father

Why do you need to establish the paternity in UK? There are many instances when women hear allegation on the questions of paternity.

If you are also addressing the same problem and facing problems in raising a child, it is important to look into this article and educate yourself.

There are several fathers around 10% in the world who go through this test. Around 29% of questions about paternity undergo a paternity test. Thus as a whole, it will benefit for the following reasons:

  • Identity of the child will be linked with the biological parent
  • Preventive health measures will be taken of the child knowing the history
  • Financial support to be given to the child
  • The child will be eligible for government aid

Thus, a simple test will enable you to answer the question of DNA paternity test in UK very easily.

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