Thanks to a simple DNA paternity test, Reeves has been able to clear himself of paternity allegations put against him. Earlier in May this year, a 46-year old woman of Canadian origin claimed that actor Keanu Reeves was father to one of her four children.

She filed a lawsuit and claimed $150,000 dollars a month in retroactive payments for the child and a total of $3m dollars for herself in spousal support payments. Whilst the woman claimed the two were childhood friends, Reeves denied ever having met the woman.

Under increasing pressure, the 45-year-old actor agreed to take a DNA paternity test which in fact, excluded the possibility of Reeves being father to the child.

Given the accuracy of DNA paternity tests it is no wonder that celebrities and non-celebrities alike have made this method the standard in determining paternity. Parents can lie but the test cannot. Tennis player Boris Becker has been left with no other choice but to concede to paternity. Becker’s concession was thanks to the results of the DNA paternity test which confirmed that he did father the child that model Angela Ermakova claimed was his.

>Mick Jagger’s affair with Jerry Hall ended after Jagger’s affair with Luciana Murad. Murad believed that Jagger was the child’s father and proved it by getting him to do a DNA paternity test. Mick Jagger was in fact the father of the baby. Mel B, whose affair with Eddie Murphy ended in bitterness after Murphy dumped her on a TV interview has sought revenge and got Murphy to take a DNA paternity test. The results proved that Murphy had father her baby.

Other high profile paternity testing cases include actors such as Jude Law

DNA paternity test has become the one undisputedly accurate test in determining paternity. Celebrity reliance on DNA paternity tests is witness to the fact that this is the only reliable means to solve doubts and queries regarding paternity issues.


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