easyDNA is an international supplier of DNA testing services. After 8 years of experience in this field, easyDNA is pleased to announce it has launched its own Facebook page where clients can social network and interact. Facebook is the biggest social networking site with over 600 million users world-wide and a lot of companies are getting closer to our customer base thanks to this phenomenon- easyDNA could not miss this opportunity.

To visit easyDNA’s Facebook page, visit the following link:


To Facebook is fun. Feel free to browse and search our Facebook page, also leave a comment or question on our wall- we will be keen to answer or to simply read your comments. By the way, don’t forget to send us a Friend Request- we will definitely be happy to accept it.

Our Facebook page is made for clients, with their needs in mind- we want you to find all the information you need about DNA tests- if you cannot find it, then ask us. Any feedback you have will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to our Facebook page, easyDNA can build long term relationships with our client base or customers – both past and future. Discussions and queries can be tackled via the company’s Facebook page.

About us

easyDNA offers a whole range of DNA tests. Amongst the tests offered is the paternity DNA test for both legal and peace of mind purposes. The legal test can be presented in court in cases where visitation disputes, custody and such matters are involved; peace of mind or at home paternity testing can be used to simply clear any doubts one may have regarding the issue of paternity.

The latest test by easyDNA UK is the non invasive prenatal paternity test. This test is done using maternal blood. After many years of research scientists have managed to isolate fetal DNA in the maternal blood. This means that there is no longer need for amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling. The test can moreover, be done very early in pregnancy – at just 10 weeks. Visit our facebook page to learn more about this test.

All DNA testing services offered by easyDNA are ISO 17025 accredited. This means that their laboratories are fully competent and equipped to carry out these types of tests. Don’t forget to check out easyDNA’s Facebook page for more about DNA testing.