Look for experience & support

With so many DNA testing providers, how does one select the best one for their test? There are a number of criteria you can look at. One of these is to look at their experience in the field. At EasyDNA we have over ten years experience in the industry, have handled thousands of cases to date and are one of the fastest growing international brands in DNA testingWe therefore have the necessary experience to handle your case and provide you with the answers you require.

Look for accreditation

The term “accreditation” translates into great confidence in the accuracy of the results. Accredited laboratories must demonstrate outstanding technical competence at all stages of the DNA testing process. EasyDNA places accreditation at the forefront of its priorities and therefore all DNA tests are performed through an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. For more information visit the laboratory information page.

Note the accuracy

At EasyDNA we test for 21 genetic markers on any DNA sample provided and whilst this is more laborious and time consuming, it nevertheless, acts as guarantee of accuracy for your results. Testing less than 21 genetic markers would mean, in for example a paternity test result, an inclusion of paternity of perhaps 90% or lower – which is not acceptable to confirm a paternity.

At EasyDNA, we guarantee a 100% exclusion of paternity in the case the alleged father is not the father and and the inclusion of paternity of up to 99.999+% probability. For further insight into the accuracy of DNA testing visit the following link ISO accreditation and accuracy.

Is the DNA collection kit easy to use?

Collecting your DNA samples is easy! Once your order has been confirmed, you will receive our DNA testing kit in around 2-3 days depending on the location and the time of the year (the time of the year might affect the speed of the postal services).

All kits are sent in plain, unmarked envelopes in order to ensure anonymity and confidentiality. Inside the kit you will find all you need to collect your samples such as the sterile oral swabs, submission forms and a full set of instructions. Once the DNA samples have been collected you will send everything back to the address we supply. Visit our sample collection guide to see just how easy it is!