paternity test for Prince Albert? The recent, glamorous wedding between Charlene Wittstock and Prince Albert II of Monaco left a somewhat sour taste in the mouth of many but also created a lot of media hype. The wedding was still as lavish and stately as ever since the wedding between Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III in 1956. The guests at the wedding included the Earl of Wessex, Naomi Campell and Roger Moore. Prince Albert II has allegedly has a second love child born out of wedlock.

Wittstock had allegedly tried to leave the country when rumors reached her about the existence of this lovechild. There have been further claims that officials confiscated her passport but these claims have been rejected.  The wedding hype was marred by the fact that the paternity testing issue came to light. A senior palace official has said that the prince is likely to undergo thepaternity test now that the whole issue has come to light.

Prince Albert II already has a 2 year old child named Alexandre which he had with his ex-girlfriend, Nicole Coste, a former Air France air hostess. He also has a 19 year old child called Jasmine which he had with an American estate agent. Rumours suggest that the second lovechild was born to Nicole Coste but these are just for the time being speculations that have made it to the press. Other rumours in the press have claimed that the prince’s love child was born to an Italian woman who has remained nameless.

How is a paternity test carried out?

It is highly likely that the paternity test will go ahead with the monarch and his alleged child in order to confirm with scientific accuracy and reliability that the said child is in fact the biological child of the prince. Once DNA samples have been collected, a paternity DNA test can determine with an accuracy of more than 99.99% if the tested man is the biological father of the child. If the tested alleged father is not the biological father of the child, the paternity test result will show a probability of paternity of 0%.

The people of Monaco have long waited for their beloved prince to marry and settle down; the issue of succession is very important to the Monegasques. Once the results of Prince Albert’spaternity test are out, its is most likely they will hit the headlines.