More and more people today and researching their family history and a DNA test can prove a vital part of decoding your genetic ancestry.

Researching your genetic ancestry can turn into a busy pastime. Many amateur detectives spend their time looking for clues and following leads, however many of these can lead to nowhere, resulting in much. Private detectives and the police have used DNA testing in criminal investigations for some time now, and family detectives are now realising the value of DNA tests in their search for genetic ancestry.

DNA Test – Genetic Heirlooms

A person’s DNA is like a family heirloom that is passed down from one generation to the next, with some parts changing over time and others remaining constant. A DNA test is an important link in reconstructing a family history. Whether it is to show your relation to another person or ancestral history, to prove genetic links in your family tree or simply for clarification as to your ethnic background, a DNA test is the vital tool for all your needs.

Accessibility of these tests

Thanks to the accessibility of DNA tests in today’s society, more and more people are taking tests to help decode their genetic ancestry. Due to this increase in demand, DNA tests are becoming more affordable and user friendly, with many people ordering paternity test kits over the internet, which can be done at home by taking a simple oral swab.

There are many different DNA tests you can do to determine your ancestry and easyDNA have a number of DNA tests available.

It is always best to discuss your particular case in advance of ordering an ancestry test. Click here for more for more information about our range of ancestry tests.