Why Does Your Weight Loss Routine Not Work?

Everyone has their own perception of what their ideal body would be like. However, imagining the ideal body is certainly different from actually attaining that image. That is to say that it is not impossible to achieve your goal of becoming fit and healthy. You may have even started to cut down on some food and read up on a couple of fitness guides to get you started on the road to being healthy. You’re committed, motivated, and focused. What could go wrong?

Did you know that your genes can affect your health and fitness? There are some tests like the DNA Diet and Healthy Weight Test that will help you understand why you can’t keep off those extra pounds.

Getting fit 

One thing that you may have stumbled upon despite all the prep work and extensive reading you’ve done is that there may not be any significant impact on your overall weight. You may even think that everything that you have done is for naught. Unfortunately, there is no one-stop single solution to the problem at hand. Your personal mental, physical, and emotional well-being need to be calculated in order to understand what is lacking in your weight loss journey. Fortunately there are test like the Nutrifit Health and Fitness that can help you personalized your nutrition.

There are common genetic traits and affect our healthy lifestyle and that are embedded in our bodies that tend to go unnoticed when it comes to quantifying the amount of work needed to exhaust all the fat out of our systems. One such hidden trait would be our insulin levels. A high blood sugar and insulin level can cause the process of weight loss to move at a snail’s pace due to the impact it has at breaking down the various enzymes your body ingests.

Another form of an external factor is the kind of exercise you’re receiving. The common thinking behind the exercise is to push your body to its limits constantly to achieve a better looking you in a faster time as opposed to taking things slow. However, functional-medicine nutritionist Cindi Lockhart claims that constant aggressive workouts can be detrimental to your body as it can cause significant strain and stress to your body to the point that it does not recover enough to warrant a second workout session. Remember that stress has a significant impact on your overall weight loss/gain.

Different people have different tolerance to the stress, you can find out about your personality in this Personality and Karmagenes DNA test.

How to loss weight

You may wonder how can you lose weight if you cannot lose weight too fast, to begin with? This conundrum cannot be simply answered with a single solution. Although, understanding one’s underlying problems could be the key to solving the reason as to why your specific exercise plan is not working as well as it should. Best is to have a diet and fitness personalized combined plan, if you haven’t yet, there are some healthy diet and fitness test that can help you 

It is important to remember that if your target weight is taking longer than expected to achieve that you should not give up nor should you blame yourself for failing. There are more than just simple healthy food and exercise that should be factored in when attempting to lose weight. These are just some of the most crucial underutilized ones. 

Minimizing Carb Intake

You will most likely have heard of specific types of “ultra-effective” diet plans such as paleo or ketogenic diets. Some might even suggest healthier alternatives like high-carb, high-fiber vegan diets to help lose weight. You may have even tried some for yourself. Unfortunately, it might not work as well as you may have thought.

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Paleo-nutritionist Robb Wolf explained that people tend to focus too much on the low-carb or high-carb battle that most people forgot to factor in that different people react in different circumstances. There are some diet plans that are successful for some but disastrous for others.

One major factor that affects the success rate of a diet plan is based on your micronutrients and blood sugar levels. It has been proven in multiple studies that different people will react differently to their blood sugar responses despite being served the exact same food. You may have to forego all forms of carbohydrates completely just to maintain a proper blood sugar level, or you can simply intake a tolerable amount of unprocessed whole-food carbohydrate source. There are even a select few that can eat practically anything without having to worry about their blood sugar spiking out of nowhere. You can find out your intolerance to certain items thanks to test like the Intolerance and sensitivity test. 

Another factor that comes into play is your level of satiety. The main purpose of losing weight is to expend more energy than what you initially gain. By that logic, it would seem to be a smart idea to just decrease calories alone but that should not be the case. You need to put your body into a “starvation mode” that would force your cells to use the energy in the stored fat rather than your initial carb intake.

However, the key to ensuring that the diet plan works well is that you still have the proper amount of nutrition needed to balance out all that you are cutting. This is where the choice between a low-carb diet or a high-fiber vegan diet will come into play. You need to find the proper one that works best for your body.

A simple test like the Health and fitness DNA testing to determine whether the diet works for you is to verify the impact of the various foods with how you feel. Fatigue after eating a particular dish is a sure sign that you are experiencing a blood sugar spike and crash.

If you want a more succinct form of testing than you should consider purchasing an at-home blood-glucose testing kit that can measure the exact amount of blood sugar response you have when exposed to particular food sources. These inexpensive devices are great at determining the info that you need all in the comfort of your own home. However, do note that you would require a skin prick every time you decide to use this device.

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