Press Release - easy DNA Announces Rapid Growth of Sales in Africa | EasyDNA UK

There has been a rapid rise in orders for DNA testing across Africa according to leading DNA firm easyDNA, and as a result, it will continue to expand its presence within the continent.

KENT, UK 12/07/2009 – Leading DNA testing firm easyDNA has announced that it has experienced an increase in growth in Africa, thus justifying its recent expansion in that continent by adding administration offices in Congo and Nigeria to its long-standing presence in South Africa.

The decision to expand its operations in Africa was taken after the firm noticed a significant increase in inquiries for various types of DNA testing across the whole of Africa. Queries involved the popular paternity testing as expected, but also the more advanced forms of DNA forensic testing including more formal legal inquiries involving local authorities.

Although easyDNA had run a sales and administration office from Johannesburg, South Africa, for some time, a decision was made to open others because of a significant upsurge in orders and inquiries from all over Africa, and the company now operates administrative offices out of Congo, Nigeria, Botswana, Tanzania and Kenya in addition to the original South Africa, and now intends to expand even more.

Commented Andrew Alexander, the firm’s Sales and Marketing Director, “Until relatively recently we had to handle all African queries from Johannesburg, but as the volume of orders and inquiries rocketed we were forced to open offices in Nigeria and Congo, and now we have six across Africa.

At the moment we are in the process of discussing more offices to further expand our presence across Africa, so that the African continent will be able to enjoy the same high level of service that we currently offer to other parts of the world.”


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