easyDNA, the leading DNA Paternity testing company, has recruited several new members to its marketing and management teams worldwide.

KENT, UK 19/04/2009 – The international DNA paternity and forensic testing firm, easyDNA Limited, has announced the expansion of its management team worldwide in order to service the demands of a rapidly growing market for its products and to maintain its level of service in the face of a corresponding expansion in business.

Recruitment has focused in North America, Australia and New Zealand and Europe, and the new managers have been chosen for their experience in the area of DNA testing.  Their skills will increase the overall expertise of the company, the senior managers of which already have a minimum of seven years experience each in DNA testing techniques, and will improve the service currently offered through the firm’s network of sixteen regional international offices to meet a dramatic expansion in demand.

Commenting on the boosting of the management team, the company’s founder and Director, Andrew Alexander, stated: “It is our policy in the pursuit of excellence to employ managers experienced in the field of DNA testing, and to ensure that our staff are fully trained in the modern techniques needed to fully meet the expectations of our clients. It is our objective to ensure complete client satisfaction through focusing on the highest levels of scientific expertise and customer service.

Some DNA testing companies fail to appreciate the stresses that their clients might be going through, but not us.  Through many years of providing such services, easyDNA has come to appreciate the anxieties and worries that may have led our clients to decide on having the DNA test carried out, and we treat them with sensitivity throughout the entire testing procedure. It is necessary to offer a very high standard of analytical science in our testing procedures, but that does not mean that we should not also provide a high standard of customer service and help our clients through this difficult time.

Hence, although we do not become involved in our clients’ personal lives, we help them by making the entire process as easy and straightforward as we possibly can.