easyDNA, the leading DNA testing firm, has announced the opening of a subsidiary in Mexico, following its plans to open new world markets.

KENT, UK 01/09/2009 – The international DNA testing company easyDNA has recently expanded its operational base into Mexico by establishing a subsidiary in Mexico City from which to offer its DNA testing services to the country.

The company has succeeded in combining a local knowledge of the Mexican market with the technical expertise necessary for such a complex service by staffing the office with a Mexican genetics expert with extensive work experience and education in the USA and other areas of Latin America. This makes sure that there is staff present able to offer good technical advice to clients and manage the test portfolio.

Andrew Alexander, the Director of Sales and Marketing for easyDNA, commented that the original belief of the company that Mexicans would feel happy about purchasing DNA test kits from the USA was misplaced.  “We believed that people would feel happy buying for us due to their close proximity to the USA” he said, “But that was not entirely true. The response is now very encouraging.

Employing a local team with a highly qualified local to manage this office was the correct decision, and has contributed greatly to its success. A DNA Paternity test can be very stressful, even traumatic to some, and people prefer to talk to someone local.  They also prefer to order in their own language, and receive their test kit in that language and pay in their own currency.  All this is clearly making a difference, as we can now appreciate.  We are looking forward now to extending our services right across the region.


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