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Cristiano Ronaldo did a paternity test. Was he the father?

The Portuguese had to do a paternity test after a waitress accused him of raping her.

The relationship with the girl was a one night stand, she was an American actress from Los Angeles. Ronaldo requested the test to confirm whether he was the father or not.

The young woman claimed an amount of 164,000 USD for the damages caused

Why does Ronaldo have to do a paternity test?

The famous football player, Ronaldo, was on holidays with his cousin when they invited Ms Mayorga to a party in their holiday house.

The news said that Ronaldo was after an intimacy with the girl however she didn’t want to have a closed relationship and simply kissed him, however, the next day she reported to the police that he abused her.

When the Los Angeles waitress discovered she was pregnant she contacted Jose Mendes, the footballer’s manager. Ronaldo unsurprisingly, demanded a paternity test to determine whether the child was truly his.

Cristian Ronaldo told his lawyers that when having sex she was screaming nor pushing him away.

Was Ronaldo raping the waitress girl?

Ronaldo denied all accusations about raping and after this event the professional career of the soccer was affected, his contract had a major drop.

The event happened in June 2010 and all legal representatives of Cristiano did not confirm any rape but that the sex relation but consensual.

Ronaldo does a DNA paternity test

DNA test confirmed the paternity of Cristian Ronaldo

Ronaldo’s child was born on June 17th  at the the time when his team, Real Madrid, had played against the Ivory Coast in the World Cup

A paternity test was carried and confirmed that Cristiano Ronaldo was the father of the child. The DNA of Ronaldo matched with the DNA of the baby

The Madrid soccer player paid in compensation to the mother 10 million dollars, however, she already received  375,000 USD when she placed the accusations to the police.  This money was aimed to keep confidentially

What happened after Ronaldo did the test

Rumours have it that Ronaldo’s mother, Dolores Ronaldo, took the role of overseeing and bringing up the child along with her son.

The multimillionaire footballer has also allegedly paid the biological mother the sum of 10 million £ and asked her to relinquish maternal responsibilities on her child thus, allowing Ronaldo to be sole guardian along with his mother.

Cristiano Ronaldo has given his son his own name, Cristiano.

Many actors and sportsmen have done paternity tests and Cristiano Ronaldo is just one of the many. Other big names include world champion golfer Tiger Woods and top actors such as Mel Gibson and Keanu Reeves.

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