easyDNA UK has launched the iGel personal DNA profile image service for clients that want to possess something totally unique as it based on their own personal genetic DNA profile.

KENT, UK 25/07/12 – Leading international DNA testing provider easyDNA, has announced the launch of its iGel personalized art service. The service consists of obtaining the DNA profile of an individual and converting it to an image that can be used for various purposes. Since each person has their own unique DNA profile this makes the result image or art piece totally unique.

Commenting on the newest service, Sales and Marketing Director Andrew Alexander stated, “We have had requests from individuals and organization even though we did not advertise the service. We therefore decided to invest in this new product to service this demand. With the different applications possible once the DNA profile is generated, we believe there is an interesting diversity in the way this product can be marketed.”

Obtaining the iGel personal DNA image is relatively straightforward. Once the order is placed indicating the number of people participating and the desired colour of the image, a sample collection kit will be sent to the client to collect the DNA sample. This is done through a standard oral swab and the procedure is completely painless. The swab is then returned to the laboratory for analysis. The result is sent back within 3 to 5 working days from when the sample is received.

In addition to the iGel image, easyDNA is also offering the opportunity to order your DNA profile on various types of media such as on a canvass, glass as well as something for your own pet! The options are various however the clients can also take their profile to third parties such as artists, glass blowers etc to create something different and even more special.

The service is available directly online through the various easyDNA websites and depending on which country you are ordering from. Additional related products are expected to be launched in the near future as the service is actively promoted.