Excellent value for money

We are sometimes asked why we offer cheap DNA paternity tests given the quality of the service we offer. easyDNA is an international provider of DNA testing services and therefore, due to the volume of tests we handle annually from all over the world, we are able to pass on the savings from such economies of scale back to the consumer. Many DNA testing companies find laboratories that will offer to test their samples for the cheapest price.

Although we offer cheap paternity tests, this has no reflection on the quality both of our DNA testing as well as on the levels of customer service we offer each and every client. Our DNA paternity test starts from as little as £99 and you will have results in as little as 5 working days.  All DNA tests use 21 genetic markers to obtain your DNA profile. All testing is performed by an ISO17025 accredited laboratory. All this guarantees the accuracy of our test results. See more about our paternity testing prices.

Cost effective and efficient

easyDNA is an international company with over 25 world wide officesWe are best price providers in every country we operate in and our  low prices in no way reflect poor quality. In fact, the laboratories are regularly audited in order to keep their accreditations.  Our customer support team are fully trained to assist our clients professionally and efficiently – our customer care has even got us some prestigious awards

Whilst you can find low cost paternity testing, keep in mind that it is not possible to get a free paternity testing within the UK (not even on the National Health Service).

Can I get free paternity testing?

It is also likely that you will not be able to find a free paternity test unless you are in a exceptional situation.  In this case you would need to get the court and child support services involved. The National Health Service or NHS does not offer free paternity testing. If you require a prenatal paternity test it will not be court admissible due to risks entailed and moreover, fetal DNA extraction and lab analysis for this type of test is very complex which means prices will be very high. Click here for more about prenatal paternity testing.

You cannot forget to also see what the local competition is offering and at what price. A test in the US may be cheaper than one in the UK depending on the extent of competition. Ordering the cheaper test from a company that does not have operations in your country may mean incurring added postage costs and waiting longer for your DNA test results.

What is a cheap paternity test?

Looking for cheap paternity testing? Having browsed online and compared prices, you may be asking yourself why some paternity tests are cheap, or at least cheaper than other companies offering the exact same test? Paternity testing is accurate and reliable and online search produces so many results and different prices that one wonders which company to select for their DNA tests.

It is common perception amongst clients seeking paternity tests that paying less means getting less in terms of service and quality. But this is of course false and easily disproved with tangible facts as will be highlighted further on in the article. DNA cheap paternity testing does not necessarily signify it is of poor quality; in fact anything but! A low cost or cheap paternity testing service means the price you are paying is perhaps justified and the company has simply chosen to remain competitive by offering cheaper DNA tests. A cheap paternity test does not mean any kind of compromise on your results. Make sure the laboratory is accredited and the company is well established in the field and you have most likely made the right choice. EasyDNA offers DNA tests through fully accredited labs, at cheap prices  without faltering on accuracy, quality and efficiency. Read more about our DNA testing laboratory by clicking here.


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