KENT, United Kingdom – July 5, 2021 – EasyDNA is proud to announce its partnership with the organisation, The Basset Rescue Network of Great Britain (BRNGB). BRNGB is a rescue group that aims to connect Basset Hounds with loving homes and families. Another objective of the group is to provide needed support to any Basset Hound owners.

BRNGB takes in any Basset Hound as foster dogs. Most of these dogs’ backgrounds are unknown, which means their medical history is challenging to navigate. A DNA test is the best way to find out these foster dogs’ background and medical needs. However, it can be costly for a non-profit organisation such as BRNGB to test their dogs.

This is why when one of the organisation’s foster dogs, Millie, gave birth to a litter of puppies, EasyDNA stepped in to provide dog DNA test kits with a generous discount. The results of the test show that Millie has given birth to basset hound and beagles — or bagels! Once again, DNA testing is able to provide useful and accurate biological information.

Commenting on this event, a company spokesperson said, “One of EasyDNA’s primary goals is to be able to provide service to non-profit organisations such as BRNGB. We are very pleased to know that our dog DNA tests allowed the organisation to find out meaningful information about their dogs — information that will surely benefit both the animals and the families that will adopt them. We look forward to serving BRNGB again!”

About EasyDNA

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