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  • Click here to view an inclusion paternity testing result without the mother’s sample.
  • Click here to view an exclusion paternity testing result with the mother’s sample


Motherless paternity testing

Around 70-80% of all the paternity tests we carry out are done without the sample of the mother. Of course, a paternity seeks to confirm the biological relationship between alleged father and child so you would be right, at this point, to questions why the mother’s sample is used.

We used the mother’s sample simply to provide you with a more accurate result. By analysing the genetic markers the child has inherited from the mother, we can exclude these from the analysis and by process of elimination, we can solely focus on the markers inherited from the father.

To understand your paternity test result visit our page : How to Interpret your DNA paternity test result.

Other information about our DNA test results:

Our test includes the analysis of the amelogenin gene – this ensures clients have not mixed up samples from people of different sexes.

The fact that not all our tests are carried out with standard oral swabs samples. Often clients send in forensic samples such as cigarettes or nails. DNA tests done with hair or semen, do not alter the result format or the accuracy of the test.

The amelogenin sex gene is the 21st marker we test. Strictly speaking, it is only there to ensure quality control and is not included in the comparison of profiles. We carry out analysis on amelogenin as a means of DNA Gender identification (sex-typing). When comparing the genetic markers of the allaged father and child we do not include the amelogenin sex gene. The testing of the sex gene is only done to ensure that clients have not made any mistakes by switching samples. If we receive an envelope labelled “father’s sample” inside which the client has accidentally put the mother’s swabs, testing the amelogenins sex gene will immediately tell us that the DNA samples inside the envelope contain female DNA.

If you have any questions on our sample DNA test results, kindly email us at [email protected]


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