What are the Benefits of Genetic Testing?

• Genetic testing provides you with detailed information about you or your child’s genetic makeup.
• Genetic testing helps people make informed decisions about managing their health care.
• A genetic test brings you potential benefits whether the results are positive or negative for a gene mutation.
• Test analysis helps in detecting genetic diseases early.
Newborn screening can help in identifying genetic disorders early in life.
• Genetic results can provide a sense of relief from being uncertain about a predisposition.
• Positive results can direct towards available prevention, monitoring and treatment options.
• Results of a genetic test can be discussed with a genetic counsellor for guidance.
• Information acquired from testing your genetics might be useful for other family members.

What are the different types of Genetic Testing?

Presymptomatic & Predictive testing: If there is a family history of a genetic condition, undergoing genetic testing may show if there is a risk of developing that particular condition.

Diagnostic testing: Genetic testing can identify a suspected disorder if you have symptoms of a disease that may be caused by genetic alterations.

Carrier testing: If there is a family history of a genetic disorder or if you belong to an ethnic group with a high risk of particular genetic disorders, undergoing a carrier screening test is recommended.

Prenatal testing: For pregnant women, genetic tests are available, such as prenatal screening for chromosomal abnormalities, that can detect different types of abnormalities in their unborn baby’s genes.

Newborn screening: This is one of the most important and common types of genetic testing. It is required that newborns get tested for certain gene abnormalities so that care and treatment can begin right away.

Preimplantation testing or Preimplantation genetic diagnosis: This type of testing is used for when you attempt to conceive a child through in vitro fertilization. The embryos are screened for genetic abnormalities and embryos without abnormalities are implanted in the uterus.

We offer a range of Genetic Tests

Genetic Health Testing • Do you have a history of a genetic disease in the family or perhaps want to take better control of your future health? Why not be more pro-active and manage your own health to the maximum by taking a genetic health test? The genetic predisposition health test we offer determines your predisposition to 35 different major diseases and provides you with a detailed report to help you plan ahead for specific health checks and better understand what lifestyle changes are necessary.

Skincare DNA Testing • Many are those beauticians and shop assistants who simply prescribe you a cream based upon whether your skin is dry, oily or normal. However, this is not enough because not everyone’s skin is the same. The skincare DNA test we offer is one of the most recent and innovative DNA tests available and should form the basis of your skin treatment and care. This test will establish whether you are high risk, medium risk or low risk in many different aspects of skin ageing such as skin sensitivity and pigmentation.

Diet and Healthy Weight DNA Testing • Are you tired of dieting and getting nowhere? Are your diet and genes working against each other? Diet and healthy weight testing can assist you in understanding why you cannot keep off those extra pounds or reach your target weight by providing you with the personalised nutrition and fitness recommendations you need. The diet and weight loss DNA test offers an extensive report including a detailed exercise and eating plan.

All-In-One Health Testing Package • Do you want to discover even more about your health and wellness? The premium health testing package we offer can grant you access to a wealth of genetic information covering different areas such as your ancestral origins, personality traits, physical performance, nutritional responses, skincare needs and predisposition to diseases. The valuable information obtained from the health DNA testing package can help you make important decisions to further improve your health, lifestyle and wellbeing.


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