easyDNA has reported an impressive increase in sales over the past year following its international expansion program worldwide.

KENT, UK 31/01/2010 – easyDNA Limited, one of the world’s leaders in Relationship and Paternity DNA testing, has announced a significantly higher growth in sales than was expected for the past 12 months. The unexpected increase was explained by an international expansion program that ended with the business operating 16 regional administration offices worldwide in 14 different countries.

The Director of Business Development for the firm, explained this as a result of investment in customer service improvements and the recruitment of an experienced management team. He commented, “The sixteen administration offices that the company has developed worldwide has offered an outstanding level of service to our customers because of the recruitment of an experienced team of managers to run them, and this growth rate was maintained by keeping our sights firmly on our customer service policies that were developed in order to earn our high reputation for service and quality.

The company’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Andrew Alexander, commented that by expanding into promising markets such as those of Nigeria, Mexico and India with little previous access to affordable public DNA testing facilities, easyDNA could experience planned growth and offer affordable services that enabled people in these countries to have their relationship questions answered.

“This growth necessitated investment in key personnel”, he stated, “in addition to investment in internal procedures that eventually paid off with improved customer service and improvements in support for the clinics, hospitals and other providers of DNA testing facilities. This too enabled a high degree of customer care and service to be maintained that paid off with increased sales.”