DNA paternity testing firm easyDNA has expanded its operations into India, the first country in Asia to be serviced by the company.

KENT, UK – 01/06/2008 – easyDNA, a leading DNA testing firm, marked the launch of their operations in India with an announcement that it had opened its first office in Nagercoil, to offer its portfolio of DNA testing services including DNA Paternity Testing, DNA Relationship Testing and DNA Forensic Testing.

The office includes a team of fully trained staff ready to provide all the necessary information to clients prior to purchasing the test, including all the procedures to follow to order the DNA test, to collect their DNA sample and send everything back to the company. The company has also launched a dedicated site specifically to cater for clients based in India. The site contains extensive information about DNA testing and how to go about doing the test. It also includes a full list of tests and prices quoted in the local currency.

Customers can order their test directly through the website www.easydna.in and make payments by credit card. Alternatively, the company has also provided to receive payments by bank draft or directly to a local bank account.

Commenting on this development, Sales and Marketing Director Andrew Alexander, said, “This is a very interesting development for easyDNA. The country is very large, the cultures are diverse and the logistics of rendering the service are not always easy. However, we are working hard to provide the clients – wherever they are based in India – with the best possible service. At easyDNA we always strive to make sure that client receives the highest levels of customer service wherever the client is based.”