Mouth swabs are applicators used in DNA testing which look very much like a cotton bud. Swabs have a wide application in medicine, but in DNA testing we talk about oral, buccal or mouth swabs. All three refer to the same type of swab. Buccal swabs are non-invasive ways of sampling for DNA. The swab is simply rubbed for a minute or so on the inside of the mouth and then duly sent back with the DNA test kit they were received in. Blood can still be used to gather DNA samples but the oral swab is far easier and can be done at home. The mouth swabs are sterile and must be kept so through the whole testing process.

This method of sample collection has become the international standard used by all DNA testing companies. For a more detailed explanation of oral swabs and how to collect samples click here. We provide a step by step guide to your sample collection online and with your testing kit. Its a very simple process!


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