In genetics and biochemistry, the structure of a DNA fragment is found through a process known as genetic or DNA sequencing.  The double helix in a DNA molecule has four base pairs: adenine, guanine, cytosine and thymine. Using very advanced technology it is possible to trace the human genome. The structure or sequence of DNA holds invaluable information which helps us reproduce and survive.

DNA sequencing is no simple matter- we are here talking about three billion DNA blocks. Sequencing has helped us understand genes, what they are responsible for and the areas that control them. Genetic sequencing has proved ground breaking in human biology. DNA profiling is different from DNA sequencing, or rather more basic as it only takes a number of loci on the DNA molecules. It is not specific to the individual as the human genome is shared by all of us and thus, we all share the same genetic units. DNA sequencing is pivotal to medicine and biology and can be used to identify and treat many genetic diseases.


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