easyDNA offers DNA testing services across the UK and can easily provide a highly reliable DNA paternity tests in Kent, which is the town in which easyDNA has its UK office. easyDNA Kent can offer both legal paternity testing as well as peace of mind testing. The portfolio of tests available is extensive and the company boasts excellent customer services and a very high standard of laboratory analysis procedures.

The county of Kent is located in the south eastern part of England. Kent is renowned for being very picturesque and somewhat quaint. There are several orchards, gardens and parks for which it has come to be referred to as “the garden of England”. The county has an industrial history but has now moved on from the traditional coal mining that took place in the area. The economy of Kent is mainly tourism and agriculture. The population of Kent is of 1,500,000. Many world-famous names have been associated with Kent including Charles Dickens and William Turner. The county of Kent is truly inspirational and well worth a visit.

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