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Bath is an old Roman spa town, world famous it’s natural hot springs. The city was founded in the valley of the River Avon and has since become a World Heritage Site and the UK’s only natural hot spring location. The city is a major tourist destination, welcoming over 4 million visitors a year. After the Romans left England, Bath fell into neglect, until the 18th century when it experienced a revival and became a leading hub of fashionable society. It’s Theatre Royal was built during this time, as was Landsdowne Crescent, Pulteney Bridge and The Circus. Bath is now home to 5 theatres and was host to the Three Tenors in 2003. Bath is a visitor’s delight and offers a variety of museums, cultural exhibitions, sports events, restaurants and bars. There are city tours on open topped buses as well as boat trips down the river. The 2006 opening of the Thermal Bath Spa has offered visitors the opportunity to bathe in its naturally heated spring waters the same way the Romans did, all those years ago.

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