DNA ancestry testing will tell you about your deep ancestral roots. The test is not one single test but rather there are 3 different ancestry tests to choose from. The ancestral origins test is probably the most popular; this test is straightforward to understand and links you with studied populations and anthropological groups in various geographical areas.

The other test is the lineage test which is itself subdivided into two tests: the first test is the maternal lineage test (which is done testing your Mitochondrial DNA); this test will connect you to ancient ancestors exclusively down the maternal line and show you where these maternal ancestors came from. The second test is the paternal lineage test which is just like the maternal lineage test but of course differs in the type of DNA tested (nuclear DNA) and in the fact that it connects you to your deep paternal roots.

The ancestry testing field is an extremely popular field and interest in easyDNA’s ancestry test is growing rapidly.

For more information about DNA ancestry testing you may contact us directly or read more about it by going to our page on ancestry testing.


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