Genealogy and Ancestry are two interconnected areas of study. Genealogy is technically an area of study and analysis and ancestry falls under genealogy. A genealogist will trace you ancestry and blood line. Essentially the genealogist carries out ancestry research. Many online sites offer services to help you trace you ancestors but a genealogist might also begin in other places: Public registry (for birth and marriage certificates), Citizenship and Naturalization records, Census collections, death and obituary certificates- the genealogist has quite a task if he needs to map an accurate family tree.

Ancestry can also be found by actually testing your DNA. A DNA ancestry test can link you to far back ancient ancestors or rather to specific ethnic and anthropological groups. All one would need to submit is a DNA sample taken by means of an oral swab. Ancestry testing involves comparing your DNA to a whole database and finding which anthropological regions you are most affiliated with. You can moreover, also hone into specific aspects of your ancestry and does a maternal lineage test or a paternal lineage test. Maternal lineage can be accurately traced through our Mitochondrial DNA whilst paternal lineage can be traced by means the Y chromosome- of course, only males can test their paternal lineage.

Ancestry is actually an aspect of genealogy. For more information on ancestry testing we suggest that you contact us directly.


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