Leading, e-commerce DNA testing company EasyDNA registers a sharp increase in the demand for its DNA twin testing services for 2016. The test is a highly accurate DNA test used to establish whether twins are identical or fraternal.

East Sussex, United Kingdom September 6, 2016 – EasyDNA is an international company offering a range of relationship DNA testing services which include sibling testing as well as twin zygosity testing. Commenting on the increase in sales, a company representative states that “this test has proved to be an invaluable tool for parents of twins and twins themselves to establish whether they are identical or fraternal. Whilst individuals often rely on appearance alone, countless clients of ours have learned that appearances are indeed misleading and only DNA can provide the true answer”.

The twin DNA test offered by the company provides 99% accurate results and is done using a simple home sample collection kit. Once samples are received, the laboratory proceeds to extract the DNA profiles from each individual twin and compare the profiles side by side. EasyDNA explains the simple science behind twins DNA testing: “identical twins, medically referred to as monozygotic twins, have identical DNA profiles because they are born from a single fertilized egg splitting into two. Fraternal twins, medically referred to as dizygotic twins, have different DNA profiles because they are born when 2 eggs are fertilized by 2 sperm cells. Comparing the profiles enables us to know whether the twins are identical or fraternal; if their DNA is a carbon copy of each other they are identical whilst if it is different, they are fraternal”.

The twin test has generated an increased interest due to an increased awareness as well as the company undertaking a new, promotional marketing strategy for the test, exploring new avenues and collaborations, including the Australia Twin Registry.

The below comments from EasyDNA clients exemplify just how important, revealing and useful twin DNA testing has become:

“I finally know I’m not crazy and my supposedly fraternal twins are in fact identical, thank you! I have already recommended you to other twin parents who would like to get their twins zygosity tested.” (Client, Australia)

“Everyone always asked whether my girls were identical. I always said no, and used to get the reply back, “are you sure”. Now I have my answer.” (Client, United Kingdom)

“I am very pleased to have finally confirmed that my twins are identical! I highly recommend EasyDNA’s twins test to other moms of twins.” (Client, Canada)

More comments about EasyDNA’s testing services can be found on the DNA testing testimonials page.

[UPDATED: 16/10/19] Media Sensations Use EasyDNA’s Twins Test

This popular DNA test has also now reached social media stars, Ava Marie and Leah Rose, who were very curious to confirm the exact nature of their twin relationship. Read more about how EasyDNA’s twin zygosity test helped the Clements Twins identify their type of genetic relationship and how the results impacted the bond between them.

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