Do you need to confirm a person’s alcohol consumption for medical or legal purposes? EasyDNA launches fast and cost-effective Non-invasive Nail and Hair Alcohol Testing services.

January 30, 2024 – EasyDNA, a pioneer in DNA testing solutions, introduces a breakthrough approach to alcohol detection with its new Nail Alcohol Testing and Hair Alcohol Testing services. These innovative tests offer a non-invasive and extended window for identifying alcohol consumption, addressing limitations of traditional methods.

Traditional breathalysers only detect recent alcohol use, but EasyDNA’s Nail and Hair Alcohol Testing provides a wider time frame, uncovering potential patterns of alcohol consumption for legal, clinical, and personal purposes.

Unveiling the Past: Nail Alcohol Testing

EasyDNA’s Nail Alcohol Testing analyses nail keratin, a tissue that continuously incorporates trace elements from the bloodstream as it grows. This test can detect alcohol biomarkers for up to 12 months, offering a retrospective view of potential long-term alcohol consumption.

Offering a Discreet Option: Hair Alcohol Testing

Hair Alcohol Testing utilizes hair strands to detect alcohol use. Hair also incorporates elements from the bloodstream as it grows, providing a window of detection of up to 6 months. This non-invasive option is suitable for situations where hair collection is preferred.

Benefits of EasyDNA’s Alcohol Testing Services:

  • Extended Detection Window: Identify potential alcohol use patterns beyond the limitations of breathalysers.
  • Non-invasive Sample Collection: Painless procedures using nail clippings or hair strands.
  • Accurate Results: Analysis by state-of-the-art laboratories following industry standards.
  • Applications in Various Fields: Legal proceedings, monitoring programs, personal health insights.

EasyDNA’s Commitment to Innovation

EasyDNA is committed to developing cutting-edge solutions for alcohol detection. These new non-invasive tests empower individuals and organizations with a more comprehensive understanding of alcohol consumption patterns.

About EasyDNA

EasyDNA is an international DNA testing company established in 2006 with operations in over 25 countries across the globe. EasyDNA offers a wide DNA testing product portfolio, which includes an entire line of animal tests, clinical DNA tests, prenatal tests, and more. Over the last decade, the company has handled thousands of DNA tests through internationally accredited laboratories holding the highest international accreditations.


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