Kent, UK – 10/12/2014– EasyDNA, a UK based DNA testing company that was launched in 2006 and operates in several countries across the globe, has achieved a 5 out of 5 star rating on leading news and review website for DNA testing companies,DNATestingChoice DNATestingChoice sums up its aims and the true intentions behind the construction of the website by stating that clarity, fairness, and optimism are the centre of its tripartite principle.

DNATestingChoice is a point of reference for many people shopping around for a DNA test. The site offers viewers the chance to gain revealing and valuable insights into various companies, the quality of service offered, the type and nature of the tests and importantly, to read positive customer feedback posted anonymously on behalf of customers which stands to reflect the level of service offered by that company. EasyDNA Sale’s and Marketing executive has commented on EasyDNA’s recent 5 star rating on DNATestingChoice by stating “We are proud of our 5 star rating as it allows potential clients to build confidence in our company by reading genuine, verified reviews left by EasyDNA’s past customers, allowing them to make an informed choice based upon objective information”.

DNATestingChoice not only provides customers with independent reviews left by clients, but also with unbiased editor reviews of various products and services offered by DNA testing companies, ensuring clarity and transparency. Editors on DNATestingChoice, who comprise journalists and freelance writers, actually carry out reviews of products and services, acting as secret shoppers to test the quality of a service offered and publishing an in-depth editor’s review which reflects consumer experience, whether positive and negative. DNATestingChoice’s editors allow companies to respond to their reviews if they believe the reply is just and founded.

EasyDNA has had a number of tests evaluated, including its home paternity test. EasyDNA Sale’s and Marketing executive has noted how editor’s reviews on DNATestingChoice “have been fair and helped shed light on aspects of our service we needed to perhaps fine tune or optimise and those aspects of our service or test in which we excelled. We are truly happy to be featured on this website as really believe it will help build consumer confidence in our company and give them the re-assurance they need to choose EasyDNA”.


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