International DNA testing company EasyDNA is pleased to announce the launching of DogCheck (Canine) Genetic Disease Test. With more than 175 genetic canine diseases screened, this is one of the most comprehensive dog DNA tests in the market.

KENT, United Kingdom –May 12, 2021 EasyDNA is excited to add DogCheck (Canine) Genetic Disease Test to its growing list of DNA tests specially made to help dogs live a better life.

This laboratory-based DNA test screens for more than 175 genetic canine diseases, including disorders and traits, allowing dog owners access to crucial information about their pets’ health. The test is one of the most comprehensive canine DNA tests available in the market today.

Currently, EasyDNA is offering two versions of the test. DogCheck v2.1 is a comprehensive test covering 175 genetic disorders and traits, while DogCheck v3.0 is an advanced screening report that tests for over 250 genetic disorders and traits. Through this test, dog owners can work closely with their veterinarian to create a health and lifestyle plan that addresses their pet’s needs and potential risks.

Asked to comment on the new DNA test, a company spokesperson said, “Assisting pet owners in taking better care of their pets’ health is always one of our top priorities. By launching the DogCheck DNA test, we hope to serve our clients the best way we can.”

The DogCheck (Canine) Genetic Disease Test requires a simple and straightforward process. After ordering the test, a swab collection kit will be sent to the client. This includes complete instructions on how to collect the dog’s sample, which will be sent back to the laboratory. The client can expect to receive the test results in their email within 10 to 15 days from receipt of samples at the laboratory.

The price of the DogCheck test begins at £149. Clients can purchase an additional test for only £139 with further £10 discount per additional test.

EasyDNA offers an entire line of canine DNA tests, including the Dog Allergy Test, Dog Inherited Disease & Trait Test, and the Premium Dog Testing Package.

About EasyDNA

EasyDNA is an international DNA testing company established in 2006 with operations in over 25 countries across the globe. EasyDNA offers a wide DNA testing product portfolio, which includes home paternity testing and other paternity tests, animal DNA tests, clinical tests like the lactose intolerance test, and more. Over the last decade, the company has handled thousands of DNA tests through internationally accredited laboratories holding the highest international accreditations.