International DNA paternity testing firm easyDNA has continued expanding its operations in Asia by extending its DNA testing services to Malaysia, in collaboration with a locally based company.

Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA – 1 SEPTEMBER 2011 – easyDNA Limited, a leading DNA testing firm has recently launched its operations in Malaysia through a joint venture with a locally based company FRI-DNA Test Centre based in Petaling Jaya, outside Kuala Lumpur. Operating under the brand easyDNA Malaysia, the local agent will be offering the complete portfolio of DNA testing services currently offered worldwide by easyDNA which includes DNA paternity testing, various relationship DNA tests, forensic DNA testing as well as genetic health testing.

Commenting on the launch of the venture, local agent representative Datin Sharifah Khairiyah commented, “When we decided to start promoting DNA testing in Malaysia, we felt it was better to team up with an international brand in order provide greater validity to our efforts. We are very happy to have teamed up with easyDNA Limited as through their expertise in dealing with clients all over the world, they were able to assist us in setting up in a very short period of time. In addition to the technical support provided, we are very happy to follow their philosophy of providing excellent customer support service – especially given the sensitive and emotional nature of the test.”

As part of the marketing campaign, easyDNA has launched the where Malaysians can find all the information they require about all aspects of DNA testing, the various tests being offered as well as their cost. Clients will also be able to order directly online by credit card in the local currency- Ringgit Malaysia.

With its head office based in Petaling Jaya, easyDNA Malaysia plans to develop a network of collection centers in all states in Malaysia where clients can have their samples collected by a qualified specialist. For clients who want to collect their samples in the comfort of their own home, easyDNA will send a kit directly to the address of their choice. In this way, easyDNA will be able to provide its services to clients residing anywhere in Malaysia.

Commenting on this development, Sales and Marketing Director Andrew Alexander, stated, “Following the launch in the Philippines, we were of course very happy to continue our expansion into Asia by launching in Malaysia. Once again, this appears to be a new market in terms of awareness about DNA testing, which is not readily available to the average Malaysian. However, through our international experience and together with our local team, we are confident we can increase the general awareness of the uses and benefits of DNA testing in solving relationship issues, as well as providing testing that is also affordable and easy to obtain. ”