EasyDNA’s Dog Allergy test gets featured in Sunday Mail’s Seven Days, Scotland’s best-read TV and lifestyle magazine. Animal expert Vivian Silverstein shares her experience after ordering this test from EasyDNA.

East Sussex, United Kingdom March 26, 2018 – A Dog Allergy test is a powerful tool for dog owners who want to obtain insights into what may be causing their dog’s allergies. The Company tests for more than 100 different allergens and provides detailed information and guidelines about the allergens triggering these allergic reactions. Animal expert Vivian Silverstein decided to order this test from EasyDNA for Sabueso so that she could learn more about this type of dog testing service.

In the article, the writer stated that the sample collection kit is incredibly simple to use. In addition she commented that the price of the test is a bargain when considering the potential vet bills and discomfort for the dog that one can avoid through the information obtained. Commenting on the validity of the test results, Silverstein wrote, “It turns out that Sabueso is allergic to Brussels sprouts, duck, lamb, orange, sardines, wheat and yams. We have already changed dog food on the evidence of the test to cut out wheat and he has stopped licking his skin constantly, reducing irritated patches which clearly annoyed him. The test has been worth every penny.”

Silverstein’s positive reaction came as no surprise as EasyDNA has been getting very good reviews about the Dog Allergy testing service since its launch. Commenting on the test’s feature, a company representative stated, “We are delighted to hear that our allergy test has helped Vivian and many other dog owners to understand the main reason behind their dog’s discomfort. We hope that our clients benefit from the test’s guidelines and recommendations and manage to improve their canine’s well-being. At EasyDNA, our goal is to expand further our range of animal testing services with the aim to continue addressing the needs of animal owners.”

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