easyDNA has extended its charitable fund to help cover the cost of DNA testing in child welfare cases to Australia and New Zealand.

Kent 06/08/2010 – Leading international DNA testing firm easyDNA announces that is has extended its recently launched charitable fund to Australia and New Zealand. The fund helps to pay for DNA testing in child welfare cases where family ties need to be determined in order to assist in managing or concluding the case.  This formalizes the efforts made through the years by easyDNA to offer invaluable assistance whenever faced with social cases related to children.  Public and private organizations based in Australia and New Zealand are free to apply for funds immediately by contacting easyDNA on behalf of their clients.

easyDNA provides a range of quick and reliable DNA testing , including paternity testing and relationship DNA testing.  As a leading DNA testing company, easyDNA regularly works alongside Social Services to establish the fatherhood of children in their care.  In many cases, DNA testing is used as a last resort to have fathers take on their paternal responsibilities and decrease the pressure on the child care system.  An example is when a mother passes away with no father identified, DNA testing restores hope to children by helping reunite them with blood relatives.

As stated by a social case worker who used easyDNA’s paternity testing service, “I think a reduction in price will make social workers more eager to request DNA testing in cases where it is deemed necessary. The DNA test I had carried out provided my client and his father with the answers they needed. I was very happy with the service provided, it was quick and efficient. I found it to be a very easy process.

As an organization, easyDNA continues to encourage greater use of DNA testing.  It is a vital tool in resolving the sensitive issues of child welfare and paternity and allows the parties involved to walk away knowing the true nature of biological relationships and can, thus, work out the implications arising from the results and make informed choices.

Organizations interested in qualifying for funds should contact easyDNA with details of their particular case.  Applications will be vetted and easyDNA will confirm whether the case qualifies for discounted services.  All cases are treated in the strictest of confidence.