KENT, United Kingdom – 2/9/2015 – Australian based DNA testing company EasyDNA has provided DNA testing and consultancy for The Project, a Channel 10 TV talk show and news/current affairs television programme, hosted by hosted by Waleed Aly, Carrie Bickmore and Peter Helliar.

The show in question delved into the world of direct to consumer, online paternity testing and the emotional impact of this test. The programme, aired on August the 18th 2015, features David, an actual EasyDNA client.

Interviews and a spot-on narrative really bring to light the emotional challenges and implications of paternity testing. Regarding the way in which paternity testing can affect individuals, the Sales and Marketing manager for EasyDNA states that “The Project faithfully portrays the reality of paternity testing. Our clients go through a stressful time waiting for the results, but what triggers the biggest challenge is what those results actually state. David, much in line with what other dads would feel when finding out they are not the biological father of their children, describes himself as “shattered”. As a company that has handled hundreds of thousands of paternity testing cases, we know just how our clients feel. We let clients know we fully understand how challenging such times can be and try to make the process less stressful through optimal levels of efficiency, a highly trained customer support team and having tests carried out in fully accredited labs so that clients can get results they can totally bank on”.

The company has featured in many TV shows and radio programmes all over the world and is often approached by such entities for features, interviews, or simply for consultancy and expert advice. It has had its ancestry testing service featured in Channel New Asia’s Down the Line and collaborated with several NGOs. A company spokesperson highlights how being featured on such a widely watched programme such as The Project helps get some good brand exposure but moreover, notes that “there is a huge awareness of DNA testing. We feel it is important to assist TV programmes, radio stations, journalists and even students carrying out research, understand what DNA testing is all about and provide them with any consultancy, advice and information they need. Despite the widespread awareness, there are still a lot of misconceptions, and as a company we feel it important to help propagate the true nature of these tests and provide candid and honest information about them which spills over our websites and into other avenues of information and representation”

About EasyDNA

EasyDNA is an international DNA testing company that specialises in offering reliable, accurate and confidential testing services to both the private and public sector all over the world. EasyDNA now operates through an international network of offices in over twenty countries, offering a diverse portfolio of DNA testing services.