DNA testing firm easyDNA has reported a rapid upward trend in demand for its advanced forensic DNA testing services.

KENT, UK 31/01/2009:  Since its advanced DNA forensic testing services were launched earlier this year, international company easyDNA has reported experiencing a dramatic upturn in orders for them.

The technology needed to extract DNA from non-standard samples is considerably more complex and advanced than that for standard mouth swabs, and has to be operated by highly experienced technicians using complex extraction and analytical equipment.

This new advanced forensic service is in addition to the existing forensic service used to analyze the DNA extracted from samples such as cigarette butts, nail clippings, blood and semen stains and samples from toothbrushes. More advanced and sensitive equipment is required to enable sufficient viable DNA to be extracted from very small or old or degraded sources, and the DNA analysis involved is more complex and time-consuming.

A new client for the advanced DNA forensic services will undergo an initial interview when their wishes and the form of samples available are discussed.  The possible options will be discussed and the client will be offered the options available from which he or she can make a decision on how they want the analysis to proceed.

Andrew Alexander is the company’s International Director of Sales and Marketing. He made the comment that “our client’s have responded very well to the new advanced forensic service, particularly those with very small or degraded samples.  Some have only one hair, and there are no guarantees that the standard forensic DNA extraction techniques will be able to get enough DNA to give an accurate result. Rather than lose their sample without a result, and with it perhaps their only chance to establish a relationship, clients will pay for the advanced service to be sure of a better chance of getting the result they are looking for.”

easyDNA provide high quality DNA Paternity testing, DNA Relationship Testing and DNA Forensic Testing services through a network of 16 regional offices serving a wide geographical area. Our quality systems have been approved to ISO 17025 of which is an indication of the high quality standards to which we work. We operate state of the art genetic identification system using the most up to date equipment possible.