Servicing clients in Edinburgh, the Central Lowlands and throughout Scotland, easyDNA have professional staff on hand to assist you with all your DNA Paternity Testing questions.

Edinburgh is Scotland’s capital city and second in size only to Glasgow. It is located in Scotland’s rugged Central Lowlands in the south-east of the country and lies along the east coast Firth of Forth, near the North Sea. Edinburgh architecture is mostly of Georgian influence with a large collection of medieval buildings making it one of the most beautiful and visited cities in Europe with over 1 million tourists a year. A large draw is the world-famous Edinburgh Festival, held annually every August, where the city plays host to every art form imaginable. Various independent festivals include the world’s largest performing arts festival the Edinburgh Fringe, as well as  the Edinburgh International Book Festival. The city comes alive again on New Years Eve for it’s Hogmanay street party which attracts tens of thousands every year.

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