International DNA testing company EasyDNA offers a complimentary maternity test kit to South African NGO, Ons Plek, to help three children acquire official identification and start attending an educational institution.

East Sussex, United Kingdom May 9, 2019 – As part of its ongoing social corporate responsibility, EasyDNA offered a complimentary maternity testing to Ons Plek after that the NGO contacted the DNA testing company asking for assistance with determining a biological relationship between an unemployed mother and three girls. Even though Ons Plek has been taking good care of these children, the non-governmental organisation was not able to provide them with proper education because the girls’ motherhood had never been confirmed and they did not possess a birth certificate.

Ons Plek, meaning ‘Our Place’, is a Child and Youth Care centre based in Cape Town, South Africa. The situation in Cape Town is not a positive one, with the Ons Plek website describing it as “Each year almost 100 – 150 girls between 6 and 18 years leave home to fend for themselves on the streets of Cape Town”. Being the only centre in Cape Town that specialises in developmental and therapeutic intake services for homeless girls, this NGO’s efforts and contributions leave a really positive impact on the community of this place.

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Commenting on the experience a company spokesperson stated, “At EasyDNA, we understand that NGOs and charities rely on funds and donations from third parties to fulfil their aims. That is why we did not hesitate to help Ons Plek once we learned about their commitment towards these children. As a company, we believe that we have an obligation towards helping the community we live in and we hope that more opportunities in the future enable us to continue doing so. Of course, we are doubly pleased as in this case we confirmed the maternity link to the biological mother and the kids can now enrol themselves in school! We wish them all the best.”

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