Areas Serviced for DNA testing in London

We regularly provide DNA testing in London, Greater London as well as the rest of the United Kingdom. Our kits are pre-packed and include swabs for up to 3 people. We include everything you need inside the kit so that you can collect the samples yourself without the need for any assistance. Our sample collection kits contain mouth swabs which need to be gently rubbed in the mouth for 1 minute, you will also have our step by step instructions to complete your sample collection efficiently, and successfully. It is really that simple, quick and painless. Our kits also contain consent forms – you need to fill these for us in order to give us permission to test the samples. Once you have done all this, send us back your samples for testing and we will send you your confidential results by email or even as a hard copy in the post if you request it.

Results for paternity DNA testing

You need accurate results you can 100% bank on. Our paternity DNA test results will give you absolute certainty if the tested, alleged father is the biological father or not. If the tested alleged father is the biological father, our results will show a probability of 99.99% and if he is not the father, the probability will be 0%. Click here for more information about paternity testing.

Test participants outside London?

Do some of the DNA test participants live outside London? Besides DNA testing in London, EasyDNA can also organise testing for you when different test participants live in different parts of UK or even internationally. We will organise everything for you, even with test participants living in different parts of the world – just leave in our hands, we will guide you through every step, organise the dispatch of kits and make the process entirely smooth and hassle free.

So contact us today for your DNA testing in London, Greater London or any part of the UK.